How to talk dirty to my boyfriend – the best, proven technique

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“How to talk dirty to my boyfriend” is one of the more common questions I get asked these days. Actually, thinking about it – it is THE most common question I get asked these days. Sure seems like a lot of girls want to surprise their guys or, alternatively, a lot of guys are actually speaking up for once and asking for what they want! (The more both partners do that, the better. Asking for what you want and enjoy when making love increases the pleasure for both parties and leads to a deepening of the underlying relationship!)

So why do I get asked about how to talk dirty to a boyfriend?

Well, simply, because I’m good at talking dirty, teaching others how to talk dirty and what to say, that’s why! (Heck, modest ain’t I?)

How to talk dirty to my boyfriend is not, I repeat, not that difficult to do. For some it o=involves getting over a social or parental stigma about using ‘foul’ language – for others it’s about developing the confidence to be able to expose your inner thoughts that much to a lover.

Here’s a couple of things to consider about now.

If you have a boyfriend who’s asked you to talk dirty to him – great, you are very close to success, seriously.

What you say is actually a lot less important than how you say it! Don’t believe me? Well, think back to the last hot guy you saw and talked to for a minute. I’ll bet you a dollar to a cent that you found what he said enticing, flirty and even arousing, not because of what it was he said – but because it was him saying it, because of how he looked when he said it.

That is how your boyfriend will be viewing you when you talk dirty to him. 99% of guys would find it hard to ask their girlfriend to talk this way to them so you are already assured of interest and attention anyway – so go ahead and make it a personal experience for you both.

As you talk dirty to him – and the talk need be nothing more than you describing how something he does to you makes you feel both in your head and in your body – get close. Let him feel the heat of your skin, the closeness of your body. Spray a little (a little, don’t drench the poor guy) of your best scent and maybe wear something alluring and feminine. The mix of sight, smell and sound will drive him nuts – trust me, by the end you could be reciting the Bylaws of your State to him and he’d not notice!

If you have decided to surprise him – then great, you are very close to success, seriously.

Hold on – I said that last time, it can’t be the same again – can it?

Yes, because this time you have taken the lead. That means that your confidence levels are higher and you’ll naturally project yourself, your charms and wants over to him with much more impact and effect.

Again, get close, let the nearness of you and your body cause the first reactions in him. Slowly lean in and whisper to him. Once again, it need be nothing elaborate or detailed, just something that is true and from you – the rest will come naturally.

The hardest part for me is not deciding which cause for the talking dirty is best, it’s working out which of the two is most likely to make your boyfriend explode in a cloudy haze of hormone overload first. On that, experience shows us that both reasons tend to make them explode all too quickly!

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