How to teach your kids social skills

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As our children grow, you go to school and interact with lots of other different people. For example, friends and teachers. Therefore it is necessary to teach them social skills that allow them to get along with others, to work as part of a team to follow the rules, make and keep friends and act confidence. These features also help our children to build good character.

Families have a profound influence on early development of social skills and opportunities for our children. If you enjoy love, warming the relationship with parents, siblings, grandparents and other relations will have a strong foundation in good shape compared with other people. It understands how other people feel and have the potential to treat other the way they want and how to deal with than others.

To help children acquire basic social behavior, parents should set the proper expectations, rules, rewards and punishment associated with those rules, and most importantly all the same for good examples for their children. Your children learn by observing what you do as parents and how they behave in your everyday life – such as how you treat and interact with her husband, the eldest and friends. Since beginning interact with others, your kids will shape their behavior according to the steps it has witnessed at home.

Here are some of the important social skills that will want to work with your children:

Learning that others have their views and feelings
I’ve seen adults hold strong views on a course of things and trying to impose their views onto others. This often leads to tension and anxiety in the relationship. There is something healthy.

It is important for parents to teach their children the youths that have other views and feelings. We must learn to respect them and know that it is perfectly okay for people to have different opinions. With this understanding, children can then begin to develop empathy – the ability to distinguish and share another’s feelings or ideas. It is possible to put another shoe that makes them willing to share, take turns, cooperate and treat their friends with kindness and respect.

Identify the rules

We must help our children to know they are some rules of appropriate social behaviors. For example, no hitting others, no cutting of the queue, no waiting for others to finish before they can talk, ask for permission if they want to get something not belong to them, etc. …


The distribution does not come automatically to most young children. Often they learn this skill by observing their parents.

I know some parents who are generally not very generous with their stuff. And young children show that selfish, very clear when interacting with a partner. For example, you must observe some of the children who refuse to share toys when playing with their friends, quickly and quietly hold all the good things and let them not so good for their friends, etc. – All of them have not so generous parents.

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