How to treat premature ejaculation now

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Premature ejaculation can be very embarrassing especially when it happens often. It could also lead to unsatisfying sex in the life of the people involved. You can imagine yourself receiving complaint from your partner that she isn’t satisfied when ever you make love to her. To avoid this sought of embarrassment you must cure the syndrome before it breaks your sex life apart.

Premature ejaculation can be caused by many things including infections and over stimulation of the sex organ. Sometimes we can even be the cause of the syndrome to ourselves when masturbating at regular intervals. Your muscles may loose the strength to withhold the sperm, thus you will find it spawning to immediately release when you feel arouse. If you are having this problem, then you must follow these simple steps to treat the deadly and embarrassing syndrome naturally.

To prevent premature ejaculation, there are so many things you need to do to prevent this incident. The steps below are easy natural steps to stop premature ejaculation.

First step – Withdrawal from the use of alcohol and heavy drugs

You’ve got to withdraw from taking heavy drugs or too much drink with alcoholic contents. You should stop buying drugs to make you last long on your woman because these drugs have been medically proved to cause you a great harm in nearest future. Also some folks usually rely on alcohol whenever they want to have intercourse with their partner. If you must drink alcohol, it should not be when you are about to perform your duty as a man.

Second step – Usage of Condom
As already known, premature ejaculation is caused by over sensation of the penis muscles. Some folks tend to run away from condom because it reduces the rate of sensation in the penis muscles. But in your case, you must stick to it since your problem is reduction of sensation. It is a good way to treat premature ejaculation naturally.

Third step – Being absent minded during intercourse

Since you’ve known your syndrome, it’s advisable that when you are having sex with your partner, you must not put all your thinking on what is going on. Just try to relocate your thinking on things other than sex. This will really contribute to your lasting long in bed.

Fourth step – Change sex positions.
When you feel that the sex position you use increases sensation, you must stop to change the position so that you will last long.

Fifth step – Withdrawal method.
When your body is intense and you want to release your semen, you should try to withdraw your penis and allow yourself to come down before continuing.

By following the above simple steps you are guaranteed of lasting result compared to taking drugs that will in turn destroy your sex life in the long run.

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