I really want my ex back – making up successfully

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I am sure that there is a time in just about every body’s life where they have the desire, and say “I want my ex back” and at this time we are generally quite emotionally unstable! And it is hard to be able to see any sense in figuring out the best way to get back an ex. There is a ton of advice and help on the world wide web, and many people want to find the answers with a magic solution. Spending countless hours reading tips and tricks over and over again! There is a strategy that can really help you, and goes like this following way:

1) Take Time Out!

With all those emotions and the need to want your ex back, it is common that all you want to do is let them know how sorry you are! And how much you love them, please give us another chance? This is natural, but not the best way, you need to understand that the both of you are hurt and confused right now! And your ex will need time to calm, as much as you do…

2) Understand The Reason!

To get back your ex and move forward with your relationship, it is wise to spend time evaluating the real reason or reasons why you broke up! Write things down so that all the problems become clear, this will help you to not only be able to figure out what will need to be different! It will also help you to know how to touch the emotions of your ex to get them back.

3) Become Happy With You!

This is far to overlooked, and obviously not the easiest at this moment of time. But it is practically a must ingredient to win a lover back, everybody wants to be happy in love! Before you attempt to make contact with your ex, you should work on your own personal happiness. The best way to do this is by getting out and just do things that you enjoy, even if that means having a date with someone else. But you may be into shopping, or fishing, hunting, dancing with the girls, whatever just do it! And get your confidence back, that was attractive to your ex…

4) Agree With Breaking Up!

Humans always want what they can’t have, after some time apart and you are feeling good, the best way to get the friendship back from your ex, is to agree with the break up! Often with doing this simple task at the right time, is enough to make them want you back. But if a little more work is required, then giving them a “hand written letter” telling them how sorry you were, and how much you miss there friendship, should invite a response. Do not mention anything about how you want them back in that letter though.

From being someone who knows how it feels to breakup with an ex, and have that same determination and want! I fully understand how important it is to go for that friendship first. When my heart was screaming out “I want my ex back” I made a ton of mistakes, that caused more rejection, and I felt like things were falling part! Until I learned this same kind of advice, so focus on friendship and work threw the problems you had with your ex first, as this will increase your chances to be happy in the relationship…

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