I wish to get my ex wife back – exactly what does it really mean?

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If you’re thinking of answers to the question, “What will I do to get my ex wife back?” bear in mind first that reconciliation isn’t only about living under the same roof again. You should be careful with such decision because you’re asking her to entrust her security and happiness to you once again. If you treat this frivolously, most probably you won’t succeed for the second time. So take time to understand what that desire entails by reading between its words.

Note: first, you must recover from the break up (or divorce) and calm yourself. See how to do this with the characteristics already in you at she dumped me.

So what are the implications of winning an ex wife back?

You need commitment.

Because you want her presence in your life again, you must have spent your days emptily when she wasn’t around. Emptiness here should mean life is meaningless if you don’t have her to love and you’re not loved by the most important person in your life. This will create the foundation for a solid commitment to your reunion. If superficial reasons blind you, you’ll certainly fail even before you know it.

You need to practice humility.

Too much pride is one of the culprits of broken marriages. If you keep it as your shadow, you think highly of yourself and ignore others’ needs. Be unselfish enough to prioritize your woman’s needs: emotional security, empathy, appreciation and romance. Make her feel special by sending her a text message, giving her flowers, calling her briefly and doing other simple things. Minimize your dominance and social status maintenance. It’s against her gender sensitivity orientation.

You need to reveal your own identity.

If you’re a man who’s dealing with I-want-to-get-my-ex-wife-back issue, you’d do everything to impress her. Your effort is natural and understandable. But don’t overdo it as your show-off charm won’t attract her. Remember that you lived with her once. She has probably memorized where your acnes are, so wearing a mask is a pointless attempt.

You need to communicate effectively.

Women value honesty, especially when consistently shown. Make and keep your promises. Don’t hide a lot of secrets from her. If she knows about it from another person, she might frown at your silence. At the same time, be a great listener when she wants to share something. She’ll adore you if you respond to her statements like how her buddies do.

It means learning how to forgive.

Contrary to what most people say, the proverb “Love your enemy” isn’t impossible to do at all. An enemy is a person and every person has the right to be forgiven. What Jesus wants to emphasize is to attack not the doer but the evil behavior. If your wife has hurt you in the past or vice versa, it’s high time for you to bury the mistakes to seize the present and look forward to the future.

For further guidelines on winning your ex wife again, see get wife back.

Understanding the meaning behind the line, “I want to get my ex wife back” will give you the correct motivation to find the right way to reconciliation. If you’re not ready to do what it entails, hold back and do no single move. Otherwise, don’t drag her to frustration and dejection again.

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