If you're in love with a control freak, read this

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Are you in a relationship with somebody who all the time wants to be in command, from making choices about spending money, down to what sort of bathroom tissue you should have in your own house?

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend who likes to micromanage can at first appear refreshing, as you can feel yourself being cared for and you might just shrug your shoulders as you go along for the ride. But, after awhile, this desire to be judgmental and in charge of all the pieces can soon get on your nerves, to the extent of causing you to feel much less of a person and insecure.

Are you questioning, when is a relationship over? Is it when you simply can’t take this pushy persona any longer?

It is probably time for you to contemplate ways to help your partner loosen up, without telling her or him that they’re being neurotic and ruining your relationship with them!

Get them to stop holding everyone to such high standards. Let your boyfriend or girlfriend know that not everybody is perfect, not even themselves. If they can loosen up slightly, and never go crazy about what different folks think or about the most insignificant issues, life can proceed at a better, calmer pace.

Have them understand that being a perfectionist can work in opposition to them. Allow them to know that paying attention to every single thing, and getting freaked out over what others would name “human error” or just a bit straying from the norm, is probably driving friends away from them. Does your boyfriend or girlfriend understand that they are being called “control freak” behind their backs? Perhaps it’s time you told them the truth.

How about the concept that by being so controlling or demanding, your boyfriend or girlfriend is really demonstrating that they are insecure about themselves? It appears like the opposite would be the case, doesn’t it? An individual who is bossy and likes to impose themselves on everyone shouldn’t be feeling unsure about themselves. However usually, they really are, and feel the need to be in everybody’s face, to magnify friendliness or an outgoing persona, since deep down they are afraid to expose their true shyness or insecurity about the way to handle specific circumstances.

The bottom line is, your mate is a gorgeous human being who simply needs to be reassured regularly that you just appreciate, respect, and admire them. Attempt to strike a balance between being combative and over indulgent with your partner. Let them know that you just believe in them, just as they should trust you. By displaying your own flexibility and strength, you convey so much value into the relationship that your partner will realize the great team that the two of you make.

So stop asking your self, “Is my relationship over?” and, please go to my website. I guarantee you that I can assist you find everlasting love, no matter what kinds of personalities are in the mix!

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