Increase ejaculation volume without ejaculation pills

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Many men believe that the quality of their orgasm depends on their ejaculation volume. You can increase ejaculation volume if you wish. More and more men nowadays are willing to know how to do that. More pleasurable orgasms are quite easy to achieve. The key is experiencing more orgasmic contractions, just what a myriad of ejaculation pill brands promise their customers.

A big part of them are herbal but containing potentially dangerous ingredients, Yohimbe for example (The bark of African Yohimbe tree). Also they are too expensive if you’d like to use them regularly. So it’ll be better to find another effective way of ejaculate amounts increasing more safe and healthier. Herbal food and supplements like pumpkin seed and saw palmetto may help you to support your fertility and prostate health, while zinc can improve the quality and amount of sperm. What you should remember is this: increased ejaculated volume is attainable without expensive pills.

It isn’t a secret that a great deal of women get really turned on by men shooting “Bigger loads” Do you know why? Because the increase amount for them is a sign of how their partner is virile and sexually turned on. In other words, it can make females feel better about them since they think they have gifted their lover more pleasure by noticing increase in ejaculation volume. Not surprisingly, a massive sperm amount which shoots vigorously is much more notable than pathetic dribbling cum shots.

But what can you do to increase ejaculation volume without ejaculation pills? Exercises, such as PC or kegels, are one of the ways to increase ejaculation volume. Apart from increasing the amount of semen, these exercises will make your orgasms more explosive as well. Do not forget that eating lots of fruit and vegetables in addition to exercising will increase your chances to satisfy your partner and feel much better when you make love. Drink lots of water and see how quickly ejaculation volume is increased. If you take into account that roughly 95% of ejaculation volume consists of water, obviously if you are not properly hydrated your ejaculation volume would be noticeably decreased.

Ejaculations frequency is also very important for ejaculation volume. Regular ejaculations several times a day decrease ejaculation volume compared with one time a day. Don’t forget about this fact. But there is not a reason to stop sexual contractions for more than three days, because for this time the maximum volume is already built up. Short abstinence combined with edging techniques and the result will be soon and visible.

Edging is stopping at the point of orgasm thus preventing ejaculation. Doing this repeatedly during sex or masturbation enables your penile muscles to contract harder and more frequently once orgasm is finally achieved. Huge loads and more intense orgasms are sure to follow. You may have the best orgasms that you have never experienced before by combining together edging, kegels, breathing exercises, and the right supplements.

Penis exercises include thorough detailed, simple to follow instructions, providing you with information how to increase ejaculation volume and reach more powerful orgasms. Normally a man ejaculates about 1.5-4 ml of sperm, but it is not a problem to make this volume higher and reach a value of 10 ml and even more and to produce such a volume each time. A good penis exercises program can also include additional information on some affordable supplements and food you can purchase, which can surpass the results of ANY existing ejaculation pills, but at less expense.

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