Irregular menstruation treatment and herbal remedies helps to treat an irregular menstrual cycle

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Menstruation is defined as the monthly flow of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women of the age of puberty to menopause.
Stopped menstrual flow is an important indication to conceive a child. The normal menstrual flow is 3-5 days and the range of normal cycle pattern from 24 to 32 days.

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Irregular menstruation is labeled when a woman experiences bleeding that is unrelated to the regular cycle, when the periods are longer and heavier compared to normal periods when there is no or lost, etc.

When time or distance between two periods is longer or shorter than normal or if there is uterine bleeding, then also the ondition corresponds to the disorders of menstruation or irregular menstruation.
For a woman, both ends (ie, start and end of menstrual life is irregular and is considered normal or physiological.

In order to discuss the irregular periods, it is useful to first understand what a “normal” period is. While every woman is different, normal periods are often described as having a range of 25 to 31 days of start of the beginning of the period, with bleeding that lasts approximately five days. The average amount of blood loss during a normal period is two to eight tablespoons.

While this is a “textbook” definition of normal periods, some women may experience menstruation differently. Therefore, irregular periods may be characterized by symptoms that are unusual for them.

Irregular periods, then, are the alterations in the menstrual cycle a woman’s typical that persist for several months. Irregular periods are characterized by abnormal bleeding and / or unusual cycle lengths.

Causes of Irregular Periods

1. Stress is a major cause
2. The girls at the beginning of the periods may be irregular periods. Your cycle may take months or years to establish regularity.
3. Problems like anorexia, bulimia or poor nutrition
4. Excessive exercise
5. Thoughts and emotions
6. Anxiety about pregnancy
7. Certain medications – both prescription and recreational
8. The break in the routine

Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

1.    Asafoetida is widely known for its beneficial effects in regulating the problem of abnormal uterine bleeding.

2. Women who suffer from anemia suffer much during menstruation. Sesame seeds relieve pain during menstruation. Add a tablespoon of sesame seeds in a glass of water and boil. Let cool and strain the mixture. Drink the water twice a day during menstruation.

3. Avoid fried foods, caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee and cola drinks and meat and alcohol during menstruation because it can alter your body’s natural cycle.

4. Drink the bitter gourd juice every day can also help regulate menstruation.

5. Consumption of fennel seeds mixed in a glass of water is also recommended for the restoration of regular periods.

6. Grind a teaspoon of radish seeds and mixed with buttermilk. Take this mixture daily.

7. The consumption of grape juice a day is also recommended to restore regular periods.

8. Drink a glass of carrot juice every day for three months. This herbal remedy helps to treat an irregular menstrual cycle.

9. A combination of mint powder with a tablespoon of honey should be taken two or three times a day to treat irregular menstruation.

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