Is tantric massage only for men?

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Tantric massage is definitely not only for men. Many women seek enlightenment and enjoy sexual activity as much as men. In fact, women are more appreciative of touching and massage as part of foreplay so if you choose to give your partner a massage as part of your lovemaking activities, you will both enjoy and reap the benefits.

Many men have tasted the delights of tantric massage long before a woman is introduced to it. That is certain. In fact, some companies will offer tantric massage specifically for men. There are a small number that will concentrate on women only too.

One condition that tantric massage is considered very good as treatment is premature ejaculation. This is a condition that primarily affects men. Tantric massage helps to encourage a man to be more aware of his body’s needs and responses and can teach them how to prolong the sexual urges in order to gain the best benefit for both himself and his partner. There is no doubt that men who suffer from premature ejaculation can have low self esteem and massage will help with this as there are various methods and techniques that can be employed to control ejaculation. This will not only increase confidence but will also heighten the sexual experience too.

Many women can benefit from tantric massage and it can help with emotional conditions such as frigidity. Sometimes, a woman can be with an insensitive partner at some point in life and this can lead to a loss of sexual confidence and unwillingness to surrender to a man as the trust has been severely depleted. This may or may not be permanent depending on whether the woman wants to change it or not. Tantric massage can help regain that trust and healing, allowing a renewed sense of power and openness to occur. Men who are considerate of a woman’s needs may consider suggesting a course in tantric massage as a way of introducing a healing element into a relationship. This will be so beneficial to both partners and the relationship will blossom as the spiritual connection and self-awareness expand.

Basically, tantric massage can allow that trust to build before yoni massage is considered. This will give your partner complete confidence that her body is respected and her sacred space is indeed that. Learning tantric massage together will often cement a relationship and take it into the spiritual dimension. Understanding of bodily needs and functions and respect of these are core principles in tantric massage.

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