Is your thai girlfriend on ‘the game’ (cheating on you)?

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As soon as I arrived in Thailand, I came across her. The real treasure, the one I had been waiting for; the one who could see my real qualities. She was young, charming and interested in my welfare. She showed me love like I had never experienced before.

It has happened. You’re hooked and the reel is spinning.

You love her, and you are sure that she loves you. She has told you and even demonstrated to you many times during your short stay in Thailand.

Unfortunately, the chosen one, the love of your life may very well be very different from who you think she is.

Something is for sure: If you have met her in a beer bar, go-go or a massage parlor, it is more likely that despite her immature behavior and her sincere responses that deeply touch you, she is in fact an awesome manipulator.

She will know how to string you along to pity her and to make you feel guilty, until you feel miserable.

Move you to pity her:

When she starts to talk about her financial problems (or those of her family) – her mother or father being sick in Isaan; the son or the brother who has to go to school in Bangkok; the roof of her parents’ house that is leaking and need to be fixed…. Some time ago, the best excuse was the sick buffalo….

Make you feel guilty:

Asking you to give her this money in a devious way. Claiming that if you cannot help her, she will either have to return working in Pattaya (or where you met her), or she will have to find another farang. And placing the responsibility for all of these bills on you.

Some people call it ‘The Game‘. And it is played in many various ways with the rules continuously changing, so that she will be the only one to know what they are.

In most cases, you will help her to come out of ‘hell’. Hell for you, but for her it’s often a paradise together with a gold mine. She will promise to you that she will stay in her room or even in her family home in Kon Khaen (Isaan), waiting for your calls or your SMS’s while watching TV. Once this affirmation has made its way into your brain, and together with all the evidence of her love for you during your stay, you will be able to return home, sad and depressed but confident that you have found, the right girl for you !?

Unfortunately, for you, this word, she has already promised it to one or two other farangs who were both as gullible and as madly in love with her as you are.

She will then ask you to send money to help her, calling on your pity, as we said before (the motives given here are only examples, but there are many more variations…). You will send money happily on her first requests (like the other two, three or four farang, and each of you will do this at the same time, and this will make her a good income to add to her regular job).

Then there will come the time when doubt and suspicion pop up between the two of you. Two or three phone calls unanswered, or a strange noise (for a room or a home in the country…) in the background; like the din of Thai disco or the noise of a go-go. Or another surprise, the “brother” who answers the phone.

And here comes the time when you will feel guilty. If you can’t or don’t want to pay anymore, the blackmail will start. It will be because of you (because you don’t give her ‘the little money’ she asks you for – all farang are so rich!) if she has to return to work in ‘hell’ with all those bad farang who will abuse her. And if it is not enough she will tell you that she will be forced to find a (rich) farang who truly loves her – and her family.

But in that case, you will have already spent a lot of money and your heart will be wounded. You will have spent many sleepless nights, and your telephone bills will have jumped sky high.

Thailand Private Investigator is here to help you avoid these types of situations.

The danger for you, starts just after you leave, so get in touch with us while you are still in Thailand, or as soon as you arrive home, in order to keep the damage, both monetarily and emotionally to a minimum.

We have teams of Pr

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