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Jewish Dating Washington DC is very popular because most Jewish people prefer to date people of the same religion as them, and these professionals need a way to date that they can fit into their lives.  Going out on two- or three-hour long dates every weekend is just not plausible in their busy lives.  In Washington, D.C., there are a lot of dating services that are meant exclusively to help professional Jewish singles meet other professional Jewish singles in the area. 

Speed dating is a Jewish dating service that fits easily into every lifestyle.  There is a different speed dating event held almost every night of the week after work hours, so it is convenient for anyone to attend one.  Speed dating allows you the opportunity to meet several singles in one night.  If you use your time wisely and ask the right questions, speed dating can help you figure out who you have chemistry with and who you do not have chemistry with.  If there is no chemistry between you and someone else, you know that you can move on to the next person.  It is a good idea to ask the person who you are speed dating questions that illicit subjective answers.  Some good questions are, “What are you most proud about in your life?” and “What is the most adventurous thing you have done since high school?”.  Those questions will help you learn more about a person that questions like “What is your profession?” or “Where do you live?”.

If you decide to meet people on dating sites in your spare time, the best way to determine your chemistry (or lack thereof) together is by meeting them in person as soon as possible for a brief period of time.  A twenty minute face-to-face conversation over a cup of coffee is worth a lot more in relationship terms than twenty messages back and forth through the computer.  That is why Jewish Dating Washington DC singles seated speed dating and face to face meetings with a person in a public place are a convenient, effective way of dating someone whom you have intentions of a possibly long term commitment with.

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