Keep your inner critic away

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You nerves can easily get the best of you. They can be what are keeping you from doing what you’ve always wanted to do. It can be what keeps you from carrying out an excellent conversation. In some cases, it will even be what keeps you from approaching a lady. But, no matter how bad you’ve had it or how horrific things seem now, not all is lost. You can easily control your nerves by taking control of your inner critic.

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Have you listened to the thoughts that run through your head when you’re uneasy? It perhaps goes a bit like this, “Oh my god, I am boring her to death! I am the last person she really wants to talk to! OMG, you are such a looser. You can’t keep her interested, look at you – you don’t even know what to say after that. She definitely does not find you interesting.” That right there is the inner critic. The inner you are moving around in your mind very nervous and spouting self-defeating thoughts.

When you learn about how to attract women, you have to know that you are your nastiest critic. You and that voice in your mind. Your thoughts make you nervous and unfortunately, a lot of those thoughts are self-fulfilling. You don’t have to worry so much though as there is still something you can do to keep these worried thoughts controlled.

DISTRACT YOURSELF, the best way to silence your inner critic is to distract it. This implies distracting yourself because, in all honestly, you are your worst critic. In order for you to do that, you really have to turn your focus outwards. Prevent yourself from thinking about the situation a great deal. Instead, you will need to keep your concentration on whatever it is you are doing. If you are conversing with someone, get out of your head and pay attention to what is being said. You really have to be an active part of the talk. If you are powerless to do this for yourself then do it for the other person. It’s common courtesy to listen when someone else is talking.

Keep your focus away from you all the time to keep you from being always worried. You have to concentrate on whatever is happening around you. Listen to the things people are saying and reply to them. You could also find out about dating from this Renegade Rapport Review. You can also read The Art of Approaching Women if you want to get more resources on dating.

A simple suggestion to get rid of those annoying nerves is to just BREATH; this can really help, especially since your breathing patten alters every time you are nervous. You should not concentrate on everything that has gone wrong or can fail, instead concentrate on how you breathe. Keep your breathing slow and regular. This would be the perfect thing to do if you are by yourself working up the nerve to approach a woman.


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