Laws of attraction and to love one another after valentine's day

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It is a request, if not a commandment really, by Jesus whereby he asks of us to love one another because all things are extensions of their own intent. When we seek to attract something or anything really irrespective of intent we may request of the universe to comply with that request if we place our trust in doing the right thing. A suggested right thing is to be true to yourself as then nothing may sway you where you do not wish to be enticed.

Whether one believes in religion or not matters not a whit in the scheme of things as the universe has its own laws by which we have no control over other than to obey them. God in his infinite majesty and wisdom has fashioned cause and effect as automatic co-responders to all that happens and as such cannot be ignored. However through insightful prayer we may allow certain privilege of respect to invite God to bless us appropriately thus we maintain power and dignity of appropriately blessed self-esteem.

There is limited sustenance to be acquired through material gains no matter how extensive and like the couple seeking a child or more the progeny of our thoughts and actions manifests in results. Sometimes we may cringe at what pops up showing reticence and trepidation because our mindsets may have been ensconced in expectations that may not have been realistic. However what ever you store in your heart is the treasure you shall receive thus be mindful of your inner core; e.g. ulterior motives.

In this current wave of economic despair we may feel a desire to reflect on what is truth and how we perceive the facts. No matter the interpretation there is one indisputable realization and that is humans are more important than all the materialism in the world. To live without human love is detrimental to our well being and it is found in the simplicity of a smile even enthusiastic or modest encouragement and most especially a genuine helping hand.

When we give with good cheer and a loving intent our love is carried along with our gift and flows abundantly everywhere we allow it to travel. A box of chocolates or even a bouquet of flowers is complimented when accompanied by a genuine respectful loving intent. It shall behoove those of us who seek regular receipt of good fortune to share favourably tons of fond exchanges especially expressions of love. Decline to believe that love has sexual connotations as nothing could be further from the truth because love has no ulterior motives beyond the actuality of a loving expression depicted in and with truth.

Now what ever about loving others we also have to consider the one looking back at us in the mirror. Reflections are a double entendre as it is implied that as we look so shall we see but only if we are honest and seek the truth of our essence. How wise you are if you feel obliged to reflect regularly as it is pronounced to be quite favourable to meditate so as to draw attractive conclusions and impart exchanges of quiet but relevant aptitude.

Experience teaches those of us who are alert students as to how we may advance appropriately through life and even when we fall we shall once again rise because adversity is also a teacher thus we seek solutions to traverse its reach. Sometimes we may have to surrender to God’s request for quiet time and allow his blessings to instruct us as to how to overcome the possession we may be hypnotized by. Clouded illusions delude us into thinking in a certain manner and while we may be offended by their appearance reflection educates us to the truth.

Love is the truth of life and none other has so much power of influence as the wand it waves sometimes erratically but always intentionally because all of us desire to be under its spell. This is where reflection balances or harmonizes our outlook and thus we approach love with dexterity so we shall not be lured inappropriately.

Our universe was created out of love and consequently is as part of our essence as breathing or eating and perhaps is more relevant than our purpose. If you seek to benefit from the laws of attraction then perfect your kindly approach towards others so as to emulate God’s love and thus your life too shall create magical manifestations wherein you shall indeed receive excellent favour from the universe. God bless and enjoy your prayerful meditative journey but above all be genuine with your love for others.

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