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You maybe just have started to form a casual relationship, and you and your partner are now getting along well with each other. Now this can be challenging; how can you strengthen your relationship? I will give you these positive steps to make your dating go on to the next level that will change the way he treats you.


Be Up-Close and Personal


If you want to build up a steady relationship, you need to assure him know that you really are into him. One easy way is to use your smile. Every time you see him, when he comes into the room, or when he arrives over a party, or even in the first time you see him, give him that pretty smile.


Address him with his name. People feel they are important and appreciated when they hear their name mentioned. They feel validated. Use his name as often as you can while still sounding natural.


Let him feel you. When possible, touch him. A gentle, light touch on his arm or shoulder when you are talking can make him feel your concern and seriousness. This will assure him that you are up to a serious relationship and that you are sincere in what you feel for him.


When he does something kind, or when he gives smart suggestions or ideas, let him know how much you appreciate or admire it. Do not forget to thank him, and always commend him for any good deed that he did. Confidence and trust are built up in people like this.


Build Up Your Quality


To make him want you does not mean that you need to have sex. If you want this relationship to work out, show him that you are a person that will add value and spice to his life. Make sure that you are a fun, entertaining person. When you are together with some friends, or only the two of you alone, make him feel that being with you can never be a dull moment. Later he will realize that he will miss out on a lot of good things if he lets you get away. Strive to be the best person that you can be.


Watch Out for This


Many women have felt that having a fling or an affair could be exciting. That is the reason why they agree to benefits arrangements thinking that they could start out with friends and then add a cherry to it by having a one-night stand. But unfortunately they end up finding themselves having an STD, an unwanted baby, and a broken heart.

Consider Yourself A Winner


Try this to get his attention and win his heart. Be a warm, loving, happy woman. Watch these suggestions work to strengthen your relationship. This can be effective especially if the case is a long distance relationship where things are tough than a regular relationship. You may be able to find true love and romance.


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