Learn the jelqing technique to reap penis enlargement benefits

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It has become a general notion among most people that the size of the penis is a genetically predetermined factor. Many men believe that nothing less than divine intervention can make changes in the size of their manhood. But the fact is that hundreds of thousands of men have been able to experience significant growth through a number of different natural methods. Jelqing is a simple technique that has actually been used for hundreds of years.

The history behind penis enlargement

Many people believe that penis enlargement is a phenomenon of today’s society. But the fact is that this topic has been an area of concern and interest for a lot of men since ancient times. It is believed that about 2000 years ago, members of an African tribe began experimenting with ‘weight-hanging’ to enlarge their tools. Ancient Arabic civilizations had also placed enough interest about improving the length and width of the phallus. The young boys at that time were taught to perform exercises known as jelqing to get a bigger package as they were reaching sexual maturity. This exercise was also known as ‘milking the penis.’

What is jelqing?

Jelqing exercises costs nothing to learn and requires just your hands to perform. You need to take a slightly loose grip at the base of the phallus and move your hand up, towards the head of your genitalia. This exercise works by stimulating the tissue growth by physiological processes, hypertrophy (cell enlargement) and hyperplasia (cell multiplication). When a type of tissue is exposed to a pressure or stress, these cell stimulating responses occur. The ‘jelq’ develops a thick callus or increases the muscle tissue with repetitive friction. It works the same as lifting weights in gym for developing bigger muscle mass. While performing jelqing, the blood circulation to the penis increases leading to a perfect environment for hyperplasia and hypertrophy to stretch its dimensions. Apart from these exercises, a number of people prefer penis enlargement pills to add a few inches to the length and the girth of their tools.

Penis enlargement without exercise

People, who are not comfortable with the idea of exercising their phallus for enlargement, should go for natural penis enlargement pills. These pills are blend of herbal extracts and ingredients traditionally known for their ability to improve sexual response and endurance, in addition to size enhancement. VigRX is one such male enhancement pill which has gained tremendous popularity since its launch. Men trust supplements like these because of their perceived safety and effectiveness with no major side effects due to their natural ingredients. Though today the market is flooded with fake herbal products that promise instant enlargement of your tools with no side effects, you have to take proper care in choosing the right pill for you. It is necessary for you to understand how VigRX pills work before taking it. These pills work by increasing the blood flow to the phallus, which eventually results in enlargement of the penile chambers (corpora cavernosa). Men suffering from erectile dysfunction also benefit a lot with these penile pills because as the penile chambers are engorged with the blood flow, a stronger and firmer erection is produced during sexual intercourse. The ingredients in these pills include hawthorn berry, Asian ginseng, gingko Biloba leaf extract, and catuaba bark extract. When it comes to choosing one of the two, jelqing or penis enlargement pills for sexual enhancement, it depends upon personal perception and the choice that best suits people’s needs. As such there is no magical formula to gain penile size increase instantly and none of these two methods promise that. You need to take a positive approach in adopting either of the two for good results.

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