Learning how to socialize is important

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What is your skill like when it comes on how to socialize? “No man is an island.” This is a famous quote that I keep on recalling wherever I am faced with a tough challenge that requires a helping hand. John Donne was absolutely correct about it. It is similar to Donald Trump quote “You cannot know it all. No matter how smart you’re, no matter how compressive your education, no matter how wide ranging your experience is…”

What do these two quotes imply in your life? You and I need to socialize. I mean we should know how to socialize with others. By doing this, we get to learn many things from people. You know very well that there are things you cannot do best as the other persons do. Of course, if you know how to socialize, then you have no difficulties in getting them done for you.

Social skill is no different from other set of skills. It requires time and practice to succeed on it. To be more realistic, it’s learned and it’s not intuitive. Only anxiety and lack of focus are obstacles when it comes on how to socialize. But you can overcome them. We learn our social skills from birth. Newborn children are sponges, observing their surroundings and attempting to copy the activities around them. Happier babies find it easier to socialize and integrate with their environments.

You will agree with me that parents who take their children for outdoor activities are likely to have great personality when they’re grownups. This is because they have gained exposure and interacted with many people. School children are especially susceptible to the consequences of poor social skills, as their development depends upon interactions with friends. Trust and comfort begin within each of us and if we cannot accept our own place in the world, then we can’t accept the overtures of others. Advancement of various skills such as communication, self-awareness, self-control and self-esteem are the building blocks to self-acceptance.

Setting goals and meeting them is also important to self-esteem and confidence and also in building the confidence of others in us. In short, we learn to trust ourselves and others learn to trust us. Developing the social self and coping with various environments is a learning process. Practice of meditation, yoga and exercising increases self-esteem and confidence. Consider what activities and exercises help you in building confidence. Learn techniques which have been successful to others and use them.

For instance, joining a yoga class can help you to acquire skills on how to socialize through relaxation and interaction with others in the class. Meeting new friends on the same path also helps you assert your self-identity. As far as learning on how to socialize is concerned, you should expand your awareness and thereby absorb your environment just like a baby absorbs its environment.

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