Lesbian dating washington dc: coming out

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Is it not funny that once most of the bisexual and Lesbian Dating Washington DC women “come out of the closet”, most of them shave their hair off, start dressing in baggy mens’ clothing, and even start to sound like dudes?  I know of at least a few women who I personally grew up with that have done this.

The first girl is Nicky.  Her real name is “Nicole”, but she no longer goes by that girly name.  In fact, she has not gone by that “girly” name since she was 16 years old; she is now 26.  The first time I met her, I really thought she was a guy.  I actually thought she was a very attractive guy.  Before I found out that she was a female, I had a tiny little crush on her eyebrow/lip/tongue piercings, her silver 2005 Ford Mustang with chrome rims, and cute little butt.  Everyone I know who has met her did not realize she was a girl until I told them she was into lesbian dating.

Then, there is Gabby.  When I went to school with her, everyone called her by her real name, “Gabriella”.  She is now 18, and has only been Lesbian Dating Washington DC and dressing like a guy for about a year and a half.  She looks better as a guy than she does as a girl.  She even sounds like a guy, in my opinion.  She, like Nicky, has piercings and is more often than not confused to be a guy.

The third person who I personally know is a lesbian that looks like a male is “Lorenzo”.  Loren “came out” when she was 15; she is now 17.  She is a heavy-set girl who shaved her hair a couple months ago.  She prefers black lesbian dating girls.  She is not a very attractive person.  Her breasts are quite large due to her weight, so it is obvious that she is a female dressing as a male.

I think it would be interesting to comp these girls into a Lesbian Dating Washington DC event.  If anything, it would be entertaining to watch.

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