Looking for who is searching for me online

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“Who is searching for me” is a question that haunts many people from time to time. Nothing to worry about it as it is simple human curiosity. Some people may be worried about stalkers, identity thieves, or detectives. Otherwise it is plain curiosity to find out who went looking for you on the Internet.

Who is Searching for Me

Did you know that 30% of searches made on Google are about people? There are high chances that you may have been searched on Google or any other search engine by your ex-partner or a prospective employer. By finding out an answer to your question swirling in your mind “Who search me“, perhaps you can sleep in peace without getting worried.

Check Your Online Reputation

There may have been times when you have Googled your name to find out information that is available on the Web about you. This is actually a good way to check your reputation online and to find out what “people searching for me” will find on the Web.

Google Your Name

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t at least Googled his/her name once to find out the kind of stuff that is available about him/her. People may have made good or bad comments about you on various Web sites of which you may not be aware of. By doing a Google search you can check your online reputation and information available about you on a regular basis.

Why Would You Search for Someone?

When you are looking for someone “who is searching for me” online, try to think why you would search for someone on the Internet. People often look for whereabouts of long lost friends, colleagues, and relatives on the Internet. You can also find out more about your colleagues, boss or friends by doing a simple Google search of their names.

Psyche of People Searching for Me

Now that you understand the psychology behind searching for people on the Web, it would be easier for you to understand the mental psyche of a person “who’s searching for me” on the Web. Friends, ex-lovers, relatives, or enemies, anyone can be searching about you on the Internet, with bad intentions or good intentions.

Seek Help

If you are certain (or skeptical) that there can be a stalker among “people searching for me“, then it is advisable to contact the police for protection or a detective agency for further investigation. With technological advancement it is possible to find out who is looking for you on the Internet.

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