Love and rule the future – 5 secrets revealed!

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1. Love is a sincere expression and graceful manifestation that is of price which is itself a decision regarding how one look up and think up. It is an upper lifestyle; a breath-taking, revitalizing, refreshing and rejuvenating feeling that is itself a decision which enables one person to desire the best for another and will do anything to achieve the best for another.

2. Love does not lack in social refinement, it does not see itself larger than life, it does not hug itself but it hugs another. It does not undoubtedly get in a taking, it knows how to forgive and forget. There is no love without God; if God is not in it then it is not love, if God is not in whatever you are feeling then it is object of a lusty and peremptory but momentary fondness. Love is real; it calls into being perfect bond of oneness, if you feel it then express it. True love is expressed when you stop living life your own way and start living according to God`s purpose for your life; have relationship with God first.

3. It is not wise to date when you are not ready to unite in marriage, the purpose of dating or marriage relationship is marital love and not pleasurable satisfaction that is actually unreal. It is very important to date or court the right way at the right time and make your marriage relationship a success. Messing yourself up in a name of relationship that is on the wrong track of destiny is denying yourself the right to live the good life and love earnestly.

4. It is not wrong to flirt with each other in marriage, it is not a sin to caress each other with your eyes in marriage; spending meaningful time together in marriage is developing a cherished, friendly relationship that is as good as dating your mate the right way.

5. In this day and age, love is real; do not make a bargain or a deal with your pride and glory which you will definitely need to parade your integrity and excellence in time to come. You do not put integrity into marriage by starting the wrong way and you do not get excellence out of marriage with a wrong foundation. It is not possible to do it the wrong way in dating or courtship and expect to have things go the right way in marriage relationship! Do it the right way; integrity is honorable and excellence is profitable.

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