Love and you

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what is the Word LOVE? Love in its sense has lots and lots of meanings and lots of definitions. what is your definition too…

“When i fell in love with my to-be.. i think of him constantly: while drinking water, eating breakfast, attending classes, watching TV. singing, dancing, at the bank, in my room…i could not stop thinking about him. i often talk to people about him. i want people to feel how a treasure he is to me. i thought and talked off all the things i love about him. though we are miles apart, i feel he is more closer to me than it is. by this i abide in his love and he in mine. What great LOVE we share…”

“my heart beat when i am near him……”

“there is a moment of peace when am around her…”

Others think love is sex…do u think it is right? Most people confuse themselves with this misinformation. Love is not SEX…if you love somebody you love him/her without thinking of having him on your…what do u think?

hhhmmmm…lots of describtions for the word LOVE”

LOVE is an abstract definite meanings to it…. We have a whole lots it…

to some, what they feel, see, touch and sense is how they use to describe it…

i guess yours is much more a whole lot different….


1.EROS: passionate, physical, lustful love for one another, especially meant for the opposite sex

2. AGAPE: (UNCONDITIONAL LOVE): the Everlasting Love of God. A love so rich with purity.

3. PRAGMA: the practical love we share…

4. MANIA: the possesive love…..

which of the above do u belong to…well i just want to share with you; that; the greatest LOVE we need to attain is the unconditional Love shared and given freely by God. the unselfless love is being given freely by our Maker. Rush and receive that kind of love so rich with purity and care. He is here with open arms to receive you and ambrass you wholeheartedly.

are u going to delay and not come? HE IS READY FOR YOU MY DEAR….



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