Love is a "four" letter word!

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Love is really a four letter word. It is more than likely the most over used word in the any language! What does love mean. Why do we love and who do we love. When we say we love someone what does that indicate. Why love anyone in the first place? Yes, Love is a four letter word!

“I love you!” How many times in YOUR life have you said those exact words? Question really is how many times have you said those exact words and SINCERELY meant them?

I know every time you used that phase you meant it from the bottom of your heart! REALLY?

I’m NOT going to sit here and argue with you but more than likely there have been times when you have said that to someone with less than overall enthusiasm. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying you ever said it just to get something you wanted, but then just maybe that is exactly what I’m saying.

Or just maybe it was used because it was the “right” phrase to say at that point in time. My point is very simple, “I love you!” is often over used and many times used with little sincerity.

Honestly, almost all of us, me included have said that phase as just that a phrase. It was the proper time or moment or we wanted something from someone and we felt that was the way to express ourselves to get it.

“How dare YOU!” “I would never say that just to say it!” Well you might right at least possibly NOT knowingly! What do i mean, NOT knowingly. Many times we say things in a hurry, just to get through the moment, we really do not intend to hurt anyone and more than likely deep down inside we really do mean it. But more than likely we say just because it is the right phase, the right time, the right moment, what we need to say!

But if WE told the “truth” and we were honest with ourselves, many and I do mean many, times it is spoken with little warmth or sincerity. I’m sorry but that is the “truth!”

So let’s do this. The next time someone says to you, “I love you!” before you answer, do you love them, how much do you love them? What do they mean to you and your life? What does loving them mean to you. Only takes a second to flash these thoughts through your mind. Then answer. Answer with the sincerity of that thought process. Answer with the words “I love you too” with the warmth, sincerity and feeling YOU REALLY want that person to feel.

There is an old say. “If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all!” If YOU can NOT say “I love you!” from the bottom of your heart, with the sincerity that phase deserves, then do NOT say it at all. LIES, it too is a four letter word.

“I love you, I really do! With all my heart and soul.” Now that respects love, gives love trust and makes love something deeper and more appreciative than just a four letter word.









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