Love is an arm wrestle

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Love can sometimes be compared to as an arm wrestle; the way in which you both struggle to assert yourselves in a relationship is reminiscent of one. It should never be painful to be in a relationship but at the same time the status quo has to be established, and to do so there will always be a certain amount of struggling at the beginning.

You both go to and fro to see whose terms the relationship is going to be played on, but the chances are you find a middle ground in which you are both happy to settle on. Once you find this middle ground the relationship can build upon this foundation and you can start to establish yourselves and gauge some sort of routine when you do so.

If you both continue to struggle for control then it says a lot about you, but it also says a lot about the relationship you are in. And the chances are the relationship is very volatile and you will both become quite frustrated and tired of butting your heads against a brick wall. The relationships days are most probably numbered and you will both have to go your separate ways.

If there is no struggle in the relationship at the beginning and one of you just capitulates without a fight, then the relationship will still suffer. You will suffer to get the best out of your relationship because one of you will feel downtrodden and the other will become bored and disillusioned with the whole situation.

If there is no challenge in a relationship then the two parties will once again fail to make the most of their relationship because of the lack of interest. So there has to be some sort of struggle in a relationship in order to maintain it for a certain amount of time, otherwise the relationship may start off well but it will also become quite stagnant very quickly.

The struggle at the beginning is natural and if you are going through it there is no reason to be scared or worried about it, it is all just a natural way. In the way you worry about most things and it then turns out to be nothing, it is very important to make the most of your time together, and you want there to be a happy medium. Don’t worry just don’t capitulate.

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