Love taste of hot chocolate

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Each time dreaming of real hot chocolate somehow by chance some a bit embarrassing, a bit tingling feelings start walking around nearby. The realer the chocolate, the livelier the feelings. There is inevitable spell that is connected to something sweet but at the same time – something kindly bitter, something warm or even hot that flows thickly into your body and overwelms it. Chocolate that should not be broken into pieces and is not wrapped in a glossy paper, it is already slowly flowing, just put it close to your lips. It is not known whether the exhilarating qualities of this drink truly affect you at once but as to feelings the inflow of energy can be felt almost momentarily. Just lick your lips …

It is like the first love feeling, it is like a new feeling of almost forgotten amorousness. It has something of the unique wave of warmth that usually overwhelms us in such moments. They are like memories about the time you have spent enjoying each other’s warmth, playing with some wary touches of caresses, warm, enthusiastic look, thick like hot chocolate.

They are precisely the same sweet as consistently long memories, sometimes warm, sometimes hot. Feelings that may usually stay in relationship long enough even after the first dizziness of amorousness has gone. They follow every day, year by year every time you imagine a person you love, something warm is silently creeping up that floods in your body starting from earlobes till feet.

The feeling of hot chocolate is the most beautiful and consistent part of our memory. Although two people split up and walk their ways, in the course of time these feelings having given that warm and hot flow remain as the brightest. Other feelings, pretty often these angry and sometimes sad feelings, disappear slowly, even the particular person himself walks away in the haze of the past but feelings experienced some time ago somewhere continue to flow warmly and silently. It is no use explaining it to a person who has just experienced somebody’s leaving, he will not believe it. The more painful is the parting, the less you believe that time cures everything. It’s not worth telling him the undeniable truth – nature is saving -, that in the course of time even the deepest emotional wounds close. Scars still remain but do not tear them. In truth I do not know what to say in such moments or should anything be said at all.

So, if the chilly winter wind blows, just try to find a cup of hot and thick chocolate and tasting it slowly let it flow and overwhelm you. May it give you strength, may it warm and let you smile, licking your sticky lips.

If you want to surprise the world and yourself and get the best and truest smile full of amazement, then just drop in the nearest shop and find one fine chocolate and by chance give it to the person who has smiled sincerely to you the most frequently. Even it is a hardworking but a bit chilled to the bone postwoman you meet every morning or a cheerful cleaner who comes every evening with brushes and brooms or a charmingly smiling office girl whom you see quite often even not knowing her name. It is not even important if they like chocolate. That will be something more.

If they ask you – Why? If you ask me – Why?

The answer is simple – I don’t know. Just so. It’s warmer. Somehow like that.

Have a nice day and be careful,

Paul Lasaro (with photo)

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