Low sperm count causes – infertility treatment

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Low sperm count, one among the important causes of infertility is a commonly found health disorder in men. According to studies, a person is subjected to low sperm count condition when he possess less than 20 million spermatozoa per one ml of ejaculate. This condition of low sperm count in the ejaculate of a person is medically termed as oligospermia. There are several biologic as well as environmental factors playing key roles in the formation of low sperm count condition. Reliable treatments for increasing sperm quantity are usually determined by evaluating the right cause of trouble. A person suffering from oligospermia may show several symptoms like swelling or pain in testicular area and problems with sexual feelings. Following are the important causes of oligospermia leading way to infertility.

Physical or mental stress is a main cause for the formation of oligospermia condition. Persisting stress can interfere with GnRH hormone resulting in oligospermia. It can affect you both immediately and over time. Hormonal imbalance, decreasing the health and vitality of person are some among the main impacts of stress. Patients suffering from high stress are advised to do regular exercises and meditation for relaxing their body and mind.

Difficulty in sperm production, for example Klinefelter’s syndrome is an important cause for low sperm count. Klinefelter’s syndrome, else known as XXY condition is a term used for those people who have an extra X chromosome in most of their cells. Number of cells possessing XXY condition, age of person and amount of testosterone in the body of person are main factors affecting Klinefilter’s syndrome.

Intake of cocaine or marijuana plays a key role in lowering sperm quantity. According to research, it is found that over use of cocaine can reduce the number and quality of semen. Certain compounds present in marijuana may dysfunction sperm’s motility and ability to penetrate into egg.

Nutritional deficiency is one among the commonly seen problems in today’s busy lifestyle. Deficiency of selenium, zinc, folate and vitamin C are major risk factors responsible for low sperm count condition. Patients with malnutrition are advised to follow a balanced diet for reducing the risk of health hazards.

Smoking, coming under lifestyle factor is a main cause for oligospermia condition. Reducing the lifespan of sperm, decreasing sperm quantity and impairing the motility of sperm are some among the negative impacts of smoking. It may lower sex drive of person and can even affect offspring.

Exposure of testicular area to over heat is a physical cause of oligospermia. It can cause temporary or permanent low sperm count condition. Exposure to overheat damages the growth of cells and impairs its functions.

Bicycling is another cause for the formation of low sperm count. Studies have found that over bicycling may damage blood vessels and nerves of testicular region due to pressure produced from the bike seat.

Varicocele, characterized by dilated veins in scrotum impairs the production of sperm in body. It causes blockage of blood in scrotum, eventually leading way to low sperm count condition.

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