Lullaby of a lonely soul

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She was any other in all. That princess was not a dreamer and that was an indescribable fact about her. She couldn’t forget any of the precious moments she had lived in the last three years but preferred to lock them in her priceless heart and tried her best to adjust in the new world she was brought in.

That innocent soul was amazed at the kind of people and their hypocrisy that surrounded her and this fact made her glistening eyes water and regret every gesture she had made recently, moreover because she missed her life, her nirvana. She was dying to laugh. Also, she was in ‘love’ and died to go back. But deep down somewhere, that fairy was heartbroken. That person had left deep scars in her lovable heart but still she loved him unconditionally.

She was strong at heart. Every day she woke up with a new aim, thinking that maybe this day she’ll enjoy. The feeling of betrayal and her indignation seemed to fade away as the laughs and talks of her new life started to come up. But again, she couldn’t find that charm she had in her world. She believed that no one could understand her.

That queen of her own had millions of feelings unrevealed. She never tried to make a new world around her. But the maturity and practicality in her was incredible. Her beauty bloomed from within. Her vivacious face had a smile that stopped time. Her beautiful eyes always felt neglected as they used to hide themselves behind those geeky frames. Family meant everything to that meek and that’s how and why she adjusted herself. Friendship was a glorious melody for her. But again, not being gregarious at all, she never saw a true friend in any of her new company, maybe because she never wanted to.

But she didn’t realize that her indelible talks, her pure heart, her lovely presence, her delicate feelings, her magical soul, her gorgeous smile, her influencing nature had made a deep impact on a person she used to accompany. She was a star to that person. But again, she didn’t realize that the new phase can be much better if she wished. Nostalgia remained all over her mind. She did understand that the wind had blown, but she didn’t care to enjoy. She never had any expectations, but indeed, that fairy was heartbroken…






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