Lust is a sin remember?

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Lust in life is something that we will all encounter at some point and if we feel as though we can succumb to it, then we need to check up. We need to make sure that the juice is worth the squeeze and then decide whether or not to go through with something. You see when you are taken in by the rueful clutches of lust there is more than just your feelings that are at risk.

Lust invariably comes around when you least suspect it, and more often than not you are in a relationship at the time of its occurrence, so how do you fight it? Ignore it at your peril, and acting on it is not something you can do either. You do not want to cheat, so you have to communicate this lust to someone.

Whether it be a friend, a colleague or even the person themselves, communication gets the weight of your shoulders. You need to loosen the load that lust has set upon you and then find a way to overcome it. Remind yourself of the good things you and your partner share and then decide which way forward is the best route.

There will be the odd occurrence when it will feel as if you should succumb to lust, as though life isn’t exciting enough and you need to branch out. But at times your feelings can be deceptive, you can feel as though the day is something to be seized instead of ignored and all of a sudden you should act on your sinful feelings.

Well a measured approach is an approved one but at the same time you need to be very careful in your approval. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, know who can find out, the trail of deceit and just how long it will be before you can hold your head up again. Basically make sure that she is not going to find out, otherwise your life will fall apart.

Lust is something we will all encounter and the way we deal with it defines us as people, so if we can make the most of it then do so. But we have to be measured in our approach and make sure that we take care of all of our responsibilities first, and nine times out of ten we won’t need to act on them.

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