M3 relationship system by michael griswold

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I didn’t know what to think once I stumbled upon his site by accident. I had some trouble with my girlfriend and that was the reason I was searching for relationship advice, but we were not totally broken up. M3 system looked like something for couples who have already broke up, but I watched the video that was supplied on page and got very interested in it – you can see the video here http://shmyl.com/tgxhton/

Once I watched the video 3 times I decided to purchase Michel’s product. It was quite pricy (the system that includes all bonuses) so I did my homework before getting it. Turns out Michael is in fact a relationship coach and has had a ton of on hand experience with couples. That was a real selling point for me cause there are a lot of self proclaim “experts” selling noting but fluff info.

Once I got into it I spend a lot of time studying the materials there is a lot of info. This might be a downside for you if you don’t have the time to go through it. Also one thing that I loved is a fact that you actually get 3 different types of materials – audio, video and eBooks. I’m a visual learner my self so it helped a lot.

The advice it self is really great, it is totally against manipulating your partner (or ex) and helps you reestablish your relationship instead of get you and your ex back together with usage of emotional hot buttons. I really liked this because I don’t want to lie to my girlfriend or “make” her do anything she doesn’t want to do.

I got to say, me and my girlfriend are better then ever and this course/system did really help us a lot.

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