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Divorce Myths

It seems that the divorce consider the easiest and most convenient way to avoid unpleasant feelings of mutual relations and to create personal happiness. Such a false belief about divorce – not the only one.

There are popular myths of divorce:

Myth: People tend to learn from negative experiences, and second marriages are happier than the first.
Truth: Many of divorced successfully creates a second family. However, the second marriage breaks down more often than the first.

Myth: Living together before marriage is a good way to pre-empt a divorce.
Truth: Studies show that people who live in unmarried, in fact, at higher risk of divorce than the number of married couples. The reasons for this are not entirely clear. It may be that people who tend to live in the “clustered”, and tend to solve problems of mutual divorce. On the other hand, the mere fact of cohabitation encourages such people to believe that relationships are temporary and can easily cancel at any time.

Myth: Parents’ divorce is a problem experienced by many children, but the greater part of these problems are short-term, and the children recover relatively quickly.

Truth: Parental divorce increases experienced by children between the likelihood of problems. Large-scale studies have shown that most of these problems persist and adulthood. They can cause even more trouble than children.

Myth: Common pair helps children to improve relationships and avoid divorce.
Truth: The period when the first child is born, married couple is the hardest. It is true that a child is slightly lower risk of divorce compared with  families without kids, but the risk of a family that decides to stay only for the sake of children, is only slightly lower.

Myth: When parents raise their children more favorably than the attempt to divorce the marriage live.
True: parents’ dissatisfaction with the marriage and the controversy affects the welfare of children as well as punctuation. Only when the conflict between the parents is extremely fierce and painful divorce for children is beneficial. But even two-thirds of divorces are the result of disagreements between spouses medium, in this case divorce for children has a negative influence. Thus, children benefited from the family doesn’t broke, while seeking to resolve conflicts and seek a solution to the crisis.

Myth: Children from divorced families are cautious of possible marriage and divorce, therefore, that their marriages are more successful than children from traditional families.
True: parents’ divorce affected children in the marriage breaks up much more frequently than children from traditional families. The main reason – watching your children learn of parental behavior, commitment and permanence. Children who experienced parental divorce had no opportunity to observe the positive stable marriage model.

Myth: Following divorce, children do better than to live with his stepfather with a lonely father or mother.
Truth: The second family has no advantage compared with remaining single parents, even if the new higher income families and are “both” parents. The latter is very distinct, marriage problems: conflicts with his stepfather / stepmother and a high probability of the second divorce.

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