Mail order bride. happy couple find a common language in marriage

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Everyone who use mail order bride service and are searching for the single brides during his communication creates a picture of a loved one and fall in love in it. You instantly assign the desired traits to your beloved person.

Lovers are surrounded of their own feelings, but their feelings are the subject of their own projections, expectations and fantasies.

 After marriage, when you start to interact more closely, you enjoy spending time together, but do not touch everyday life. Difficulties in the absence of fantasies do not disperse. But later, when you start to live together, suddenly discover that there is a gap between reality and fantasy.

When looking at some of the families, it seems we do not have any trouble, because ideally suited for each other. And looking at the other, it seems that they are from different planets.

People more easily agree on when there is a similar background, come from families which had a similar rule, which means – like the social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

The normal rules and norms we bring from our parents home. Many of the things we do automatically, even without thinking. Why are some, for example, in the morning drinking coffee and not tea? Why does one feel discomfort in the mess at home, and other does not care about it? Our habits are also responding in communicating. One wants to talk in the morning and the other cannot tolerate it.

All people are different, and their habits are different. We naturally treat, but naturally only in respect of its own.

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