Mail order bride. what is the most important component of a happy marriage?

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 In the searches of mail order bride everyone want to create a happy family with the strong relationship. Everyone (is he married or not) has its own approach to it, believe their own theories, but all of them can be divided into three categories:

1. Everything about you.

Some people just cannot be happy in any relationship. Maybe they are too insensitive, emotionally unstable or negative – no matter what the reason; these people will never enjoy the blessings of a marriage.

2. Everything about your partner

Some people believe that a happy marriage leads only a perfect choice for a spouse. Probably before marriage many have heard, “You need an emotionally mature person”, or “a man, which you can always rely on.” According to the proponents of the theory, whether a happy marriage happy or not, it all depends on the partner,  his behavior and attitude.

3. All about how you are similar with your partner.

Some people argue that the key to marital happiness is the similarity between spouses. Dating agency promises you choose a partner under the criteria of compatibility, arguing that the partners of a similar character likely to more successful relationships. Popularity of these services shows that people believe it.

But who is right? Is your partner’s personality the most important or, perhaps just important that you like the character? A recent study provides some answers.

It appears that the human personality has a significant importance to its satisfaction. According to investigators, pleasant, honest and emotionally stable people enjoyed a happier marriage. So, if you are a selfish irresponsible, your chance to discover the bliss of marriage really bad. But do not forget that you can change the features. If you feel that somewhere in your feature prevents fortunately efforts you can change it.

Partner’s personality is as well sufficiently important factor in the fullness of relationship. The three most important characteristics do not change – it is a pleasure, honesty, and emotional stability, keep in mind it when you want  to find the second half.

Finally, it seems that the similarity of personalities – does not affect the overall relationship. A pair, whose characters met, had an advantage in assessing the quality of relationships. Of course, this does not mean that similar values and objectives of possession is not important – just the similar characters does not lead to satisfaction in relationship.

So if you love to chat, and your partner is shy or you’re an adventurer and your second half is not open to new experiences, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a happy marriage. It does not matter that you are opposite to each other, your opportunity to enjoy the fullness of relationship and the quality is the same.

Just be kind, responsible, sometimes sober, and you will find someone that is ready to do the same.

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