Mail order bride. what is the reason of the divorce?

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Crisis in relationship is the most popular reason for divorce. One of spouses demands things which other partner can’t give. The best example is when sexual relations quickly lose their romanticism. . It’s strange, but in such situations initiators of the divorce mostly are women.

Men seldom initiate divorce for the new experiences in the field of sex. Sex ant family are totally different things to a man, in addition, he has genetically accumulated experience separate “love” from “falling in love”.  Usually men want divorce when someone for a long time requires things what’s not in their forces. No matter what their wife’s want, – emotional support, material well-being or sexual attractiveness.

For most men continually promoted a sense of powerlessness is excruciating. In addition, none of the women can achieve, their full emotional satisfaction, and there are no men who can change this. Imagine a man who has consistently accused that he do not understand his wife, do not worry about his family, do not think about the future, do not communicate with his daughter or son …

When the man feels helpless he comes out – often with another woman he meets. Usually, men go not to those who he need but he run out from which he is no longer needed.

Sometimes, saving relationship, for long-time spouses accumulate huge luggage of pain. Sooner or later, this burden becomes unsustainable.

 In this case, a divorce can become final stage and an ordinary relationship.

May be they can revive their relationship once again; when they will understand the significance of being together and their interaction will be more mature.

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