Make a cd it's the new mix tape

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When the phenomenon of being able to put songs on to mix tapes first came about there is a certain amount of women that thought their men should be using this tool. Nowadays that tool has turned into making CD’s for the one you love or even putting Mp3′s onto their Mp3 players for them, either way it is still the same sentiment.

You see women; unlike a lot of men find themselves being sentimentalists as opposed to materialistic. Men on their birthdays want things of material value, things that are going to get them out of the house or a new Television. Women on the other hand would much prefer a card to be made for them, or a romantic trip away, the thought counts more.

Men are happy to give a list to a woman of things they would like, and you can just work from the list, but women want you to be more creative. And god forbid if you get it wrong, if your imagination cannot work something up out of nothing then you may as well give up on your relationship.

One thing you can do however, something that is relatively cheap to do, as well as easily accessible is to make a CD with some of her favourite songs on it. Now even men’s imaginations can stretch to remembering what her favourite songs are all about otherwise again you may have to give up. All you have to do is put some romantic songs on there as well as songs you know she loves and you are in the good books.

And what a simple idea it is, you just need to have a little background information and a little extra dimension to your play and you will find everything you need for a present. Just purely know what songs she loves and you will eternally, for a year at least, be in the good books. Women are creatures of habit and they expect you to pick up on these habits, and if you can you will profit from the rewards.

There are no easy birthdays or Christmases but if you can get it right you will have a night to remember and that is what we all want. So learn your girlfriends music collection and it might just be the best thing that you ever did for yourself.

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