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Moving from another city can make it very difficult to make Friend Washington DC. When I first moved here the only friend I had was my dog. I knew absolutely no one and was very lonely.


I’m not a big social networking type of person so I had no idea I could meet friends online. I have a Facebook account but I rarely ever use it because I really don’t think my friends care that I went to the grocery store where I couldn’t find my favorite salad dressing. So many people are great at utilizing those kinds of sites but I’m not one of them.


I so desperately wanted to meet Friend Washington DC but because I work so hard and don’t date co-workers it was very hard for me. So I decided to use the Internet to meet strangers. I found a website that was a social networking site and had all kinds of activities besides finding a date.


They had cooking classes, white water rafting trips, and so much more. I signed up for some of the activities and nervously attended. I’m a shy person and find it hard to talk to strangers. I come off as very aloof so it’s not exactly like people come up and strike a conversation. But I wanted to find friends. And I did. I went on a hiking trip and met some really interesting people. Two of the women worked in the same field as I do and not only did I make friends I made business contacts as well.


Before finding that website I really thought it would be hard to meet anyone. I have a boyfriend who still lives in New York City, from where I moved. He’s going to move here in six months so it was very lonely for me. But making Friend Washington DC is greatest thing that happened to me. I don’t feel isolated any more and don’t spend my weekends sightseeing alone watching everyone else walk around with his or her friends. Since the hiking trip I’ve been to wine tastings, gallery tours, and even took dancing lessons. Now instead of sitting at home reading or watching TV on weekends, I can sign up for an event where I can meet other people.

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