Making a steamy connection

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Even if your man is out of reach, it’s still possible to have a hot night together. Achieving the ultimate in aural satisfaction is just a phone call away.

Spicing up your sex life doesn’t have to involve new mattress moves. All you need to do is pick up the phone. If you want to turn your man on like never before, whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or phone sex is the perfect opportunity.

Phone sex is the perfect way to make a carnal connection when you and your man are apart. And while the thought of it may leave you speechless, tantalizing talk isn’t as tricky as you think. Just use your erotic imagination. Share your steamy desires, describe details from your favorite fantasy or tell him, step-by-step, what you wish you were doing to him.

Before you dial, dim the lights or sip some wine. If it’s your first time attempting lust on the line, a simple phrase such as I wish you were lying here with me will get his mind wandering. Or inspire randy thoughts by reminiscing about a sizzling sack session you two have shared. Since you premeditated this sexy scenario, you may be more aroused than your guy. Bring him up to your level by making him feel like he’s there with you. Tell explicitly how you’re undressing.

When the torrid talk reaches a boiling point, take matters into your own hands. Having phone sex without mutual masturbation is like cooking a meal and not allowing yourself the pleasure of eating it. Think of the advantages: You’re indulging in a sex act with him, but you’re free to touch yourself exclusively. Encourage him to give you instructions about where and how your hands should wander. And ask how he’s stimulating his own bod. Not only will you hang up with a smile on your face, but you’ll also be better able to satisfy each other when you get frisky in the flesh.

If you aren’t comfortable initiating a kinky conversation, suggest your man to take the lead. Close your eyes and concentrate on every wanton word. As you touch yourself, fantasize that you’re feeling his tantalizing fingers caressing your skin. If at first you feel shy, just moan or sigh while he narrates a naughty story. As the encounter escalates, you may be very surprised at the frisky phrases that pop out of your mouth.

Sending erotic messages from one cell phone to another is a racy rage overseas, and now it’s hitting our shores. So if you want to turn him on but you’re in public, where your lips should be sealed page him your passionate thoughts.

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