Making friends in social gatherings

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Human beings are social people and this means that they will always make friends, keep the ones they socially connect with and lose touch with the ones they have not built closeness with.

This is the reason why gatherings that offer social grounds such as discos, restaurants, churches, football pitches and even parties are very popular. It is also the same reason why social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter have grown at a very high rate. Most people look forward to attending social functions and after the event, they reflect on how many friends they have made, who attended the function and whether they will meet again in another function.

For some people, making friends can be easy while for others it may be a challenge. Human beings get attracted to someone and wish to be their friend because of their talent, sense of humor, common interest or just simple need for a friend.

Young people go out of their way to polish their looks, dress in a trendy way, practice a few jokes or rehearse the latest dance move before a party so that it can earn them new friends.

It would cause any person a lot of emotional stress if they attended a function where no one was interested in making friends with them. It is in this line that you find that people do not go to events where they do not know anybody unless they carry a friend along.

The next time you call someone your friend, think of the circumstances under which you met and what keeps you glued as friends. It would be interesting to keep this data.

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