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“The conception of two people living together for twenty five years without having a cross word suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep” 

Alan Patrick Herbert

Often a couple who enters marriage has an unrealistic expectation of how the marriage should pan out.  They might dream of perfect marriage and how a perfect marriage should be.  There is no perfect marriage and fantasizing that there is one can only lead to disappointment.  So what are some of the common marriage myths? Here are some.

 Argument Is Bad

Given that each person is a unique and distinct self, with his or her own temperament, personality and pet peeves, it will be unrealistic to expect that argument is taboo in a good marriage.  The problem is not the argument itself, but in how each partner can resolve the differences and to grow closer together.

 The Couple Should Always Does Thing Together

More than anything else, the notion that each couple should always do things together is a sign of insecurity in the relationship.  Yes, in a good relationship, a partner needs to spend time together and to do common things.  However, being a unique individual himself, the partner should endeavor to indulge in his or her own interest and inclination as well. 

 In A Good Marriage, A Couple Should Grow Closer Automatically With Time

While there is no perfect marriage, a good marriage needs a lot of nurturing from each partner.  It takes a lot of hard work and effort for the couple to nurture love and to increase the level of understanding among them. 

 Soul Mate Myth

This myth is that there is only a single person in this world that will make me happy.  Absence of this person, then I will not have a happy marriage.  In reality, a good relationship takes time to develop and nurture.  Even in a seemingly perfect couple, the relationship could turn for the worse if each partner harbors the thought that their marriage should always be trouble-free.

 I Am Only Complete When I Am Married

The last common myth is for the man or woman to think that he or she will be complete only after marriage.  The truth is each man or woman is unique and possesses all the necessary ingredients to be happy and fulfilled within him or herself.  By allowing his or her happiness in the hand of the partner is nothing more than truth.  One of the purposes of marriage is for sharing each other person’s individuality and uniqueness with the partner.  By accepting the notion that I will be only complete after marriage implies the inherent weakness in that individual, which can be salvaged through marriage.  Let go of this incorrect idea and you will be a happier person. 





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