Marriage without sex

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Are you looking for tips on how to enhance sex and make it a great thing in your marriage? Let us know that sex in marriage is something good that helps you to bond with your partner.


Sometime we get used to having sex until we get used to it. Is there a way we can revive it and start having it great as when we got married?


As you get used to your lover and as you grow older, you may find, your sex life becoming monotonous and boring.



The reason why sex becomes boring is because your body gets fed up and decides not to make so much movement as it did the first one or two years of your relationship which is not good.


Well in most cases it never works because you either don’t have enough money to move from one hotel to another or with relatives or children in your house you are stuck in your bedroom and more so to the bed!


 Do not wait to exercise your body during sex because it will definitely fail you. It is worse with ladies because you get bored physically and mentally you are not there with him, so you let him finish the job and go to sleep dreading the next time he will want to come on top of you.



Daily exercise helps your body remain fit. Movement is very important during sex, this is especially for ladies, whenever he is moving make sure you move to his rhythm. It almost comes naturally for men to move because they have to anyway.



Be careful as you make love to your partner, you could be a major turnoff or turn on. Most of us are a major turnoff but we don’t realize this. Be on the alert as you are making love so that you can learn his/her body language for example not all women when touched on the nipple will get turned on, some may feel ticklish and just laugh which may seem awkward when making love, some may even get irritated and go dry.



Most lovers are not vocal in bed matters, it’s a bang and go, your lover will be truly grateful if you understand their body language.

Once you understand each other, Sex will be something you will always look forward to with the same person even 10 years later.


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