Matchmaker tips for women- your dinner conversation

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Tip 1.  Talk on your cell phone during your dinner date. You were warned about this and here is comes again. Don’t check to see if you have text messages. Don’t try and find out whom that missed call was before.  Don’t text and don’t answer your cell phone if it rings. Keep it in your bag.

 Tip 2.   Complain. Don’t complain about your living situation, your mother nagging you, the weather or anything. Don’t be a complainer.

 Tip 3.  Check your makeup at the dinner table. He will think you look beautiful.  That is, before you begin fussing about it and try to freshen up at the table. If need be, go to the restroom, just not every five minutes. Remember; don’t come back from the ladies room looking like a completely different person.

 Tip 4.  Freak out about something if your date teases you. There is a fine line between cruelty and a joke. If you are telling a story, he might kid you about it later that evening. Just roll with it. If you overreact, it takes away your natural beauty by showing you have low self-esteem. That’s a deal breaker.

 Tip 5.  Have bad table manors. This is basic ladies, but I need to remind you. Don’t chew gum, cover your mouth when you yawn, or talk with food in your mouth.

 Tip 6.   Ignore him. Let’s assume he has been nice to you and gave you the better seat at the table. This is the seat that lets you see all the beautiful people who walk in the door. Don’t spend the entire evening checking them out. Look at your date and pay attention to him. He is the one sitting with you.

 Tip 7.  Talk about marriage and kids. There is no easy way to say it ladies, but if you bring up the conversation about marriage and kids on the first date, he will think you are desperate. Don’t worry; he already assumes you are interested in marriage and having kids. He gets that.  Don’t ask personal and probing questions to him on the first date. There is plenty of time for that if you hit it off.

 Good hunting, Janis.



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