Memorable person

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We see many new faces and many known faces in our daily life,but some from those are been easily remembered.Some faces tell the whole personality while some are mysterious.Some makes you think about them again and again and some force you to become friends.

When for the first time I saw her face,it was one in a million,as the days passed.We became close friends.The most appealing thing in her is her eyes,they are like two shinning gems of crystals and were deeper than any ocean.Her forehead is broad but it really suits her personality.She has thick black hair with the most perfect curls in them and are as shiny as a new car.Her cheek bones are so sexy that every one get forced to meet and talk to her again and again.When she talks in her melodious voice so soft that it makes you feels that she should never stops.Another noticeable thing are her lips,so perfect and glossy pink.Her pearl white teeth are just so breath taking.Her complexion always complements her features,Although its wheatish but have very smooth skin and evenly toned.Her face structure is like a barbie doll or any Hollywood actress.

Besides her beauty another thing makes you her Fan is her behaviour and expressions.Its always just so cute and sweet and her first expression is always mind blowing.She knows her limits and never cross them,she respects everyone and cares for them.She is a very responsible person and an obidient daughter and “Indeed a true friend.”

Friends like her come in to your life and makes you realize that how beautifull this life can be,and how you can spend it without entering in any jeopardy.

In the sea of friendship,Friends are like waves and heart is a sea shore,this is not important that how many waves are there in the sea but what matters is that how many ofthem touches the sea shore.”   


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