Men-whores, enjoyers, beer drinkers and wine lovers

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There are people who are used to boast about the number of their partners, there are such who keep silent discreetly, people who keep a record of hundreds of „victories” and people whom nobody knows or understands. Some are called playboys, some – men-whores, some – „still waters”. It refers to both genders, only symbols might differ.

The most distrustful are ”men-whores” who like to flaunt their countless victories in bed. The most frequently they are vulgar liars trying to convince the world about their incredible abilities but in fact, they try to suppress their own complexes. A needless boasting only frightens women away because nobody likes if somebody walks around and tells things that should be a secret between the two. Similarly, each woman having self-respect doesn’t like to be only a statistical figure in an endless queue. Such men have only hopes for purely curious and naive ladies who are eager to know – what is there „so special” in these men? I do not believe that there could be anything special otherwise they shouldn’t be scattered about like small coins.

There are such men who are known as lady-killers or playboys. However, these are only presumptions because they themselves try to keep silent about this issue. Their principle is „not to talk about women, but talk to them”. Most frequently this presumption is caused by their charm, charisma, intelligence, nice scent and good looks. Where the truth is – nobody knows because they pay attention to women but it does not mean that this attention is an artful way of fascination. Women like attention, they have deserved it and an intelligent man doesn’t avoid showing it neatly. Sometimes he can ask to think more, to feel something more, but not always hurrying like trying to take the opportunity. Sometimes game is only a game and the victory is not an end in itself. Also compliment can be just a simple compliment. Only positive appreciation, a wish to give pleasure, to appreciate, to cheer up a friend, a collegue. Without any subtexts, „backhanded” intentions. Even if you tend to think so.

It is extremely difficult to group the people, including men. In general, there probably could suit the comparison of beer drinkers and wine lovers. The former are of simple nature, can use the drink for litres and can discuss the difference between the light and dark beer, can abuse the „terrible” American beer and praise the local „natural” one. Some might call the drinking non-alchocolic beer like a sex with the rubber lady. Do they think so because of their own experience?

Wine lovers can be called the men who have learned and found their real one and can taste it slowly and for a long time, can relish it and feel the bouquet of fragrances. They are loyal, can keep and appreciate their finding. They will never boast loudly, will not try to drink too much till the „beer belly” appears. They are smart lovers who respect themselves and the world, they do not change the quality into quantity. They do not look at the expiring dates but can evaluate the crop of grapes.

Let it all serve just for comparison, as food for thought. It can’t be and shouldn’t be translated word in word, there is nothing bad about beer and wine is not at all anything perfect. Some people can even appreciate good vodka in small dosages. Each drink has its place and time. There is only one common thing in their usage – sense of proportion. That is the most essential.

Have a nice day and be careful,
Paul Lasaro

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