Most common cause of divorce

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For any couple, the concept of divorce may seem frightening. After all, when you got married you did so because you were in love with one another. How could anyone who has fallen in love with another person so helplessly fall out of love? Is it even possible to fall out of love as many have put it? Unfortunately, for most couples that do get divorced, it has nothing to do with their lack of love for one another. In many cases it is done as an act purely out of love.

The number one Common Cause Of Divorce world-wide is money. Whether the couple is wealthy or poor, money can be attributed to more divorces then any other cause combined. So what does this have to do with love? Well you have to remember that for anyone, money issues can increase one’s stress levels. For those who do not have a lot of money and are getting deeper in debt every single day, their lives can become very stressful. This stress leads to arguments and eventually can lead to divorce. It is not so much the arguments that cause the divorce, but many couples make the decision to separate because they still love each other. Since both want the other to be happy, and since there appears to be no end to their arguing or money issues, the option many choose to take is divorce.

Of course there are other reasons, and not everyone feels as if divorce is necessary because they want the other to be happy, but none the less, money still plays a pivotal role in divorces world-wide.

So what is one to do to prevent this from becoming a possibility? Everyone argues from time to time because when you live in the same house day in and day out, there is bound to be certain things that can flare up an argument. Well in most arguments where money is not a factor, the couple makes up shortly after; except in the cases of cheating. But in order to prevent or at least reduce the chances of a money issue resulting in divorce, you need to take a better control on your finances.

Instead of relying on credit for everything, you need to set money aside each and every single paycheck to cover the unexpected and unforeseen possibilities. Even though the money may not be enough to cover the entire cost of these unforeseen issues, it will help out more then you would expect. It is not uncommon to have a savings account which your spouse is unaware of. You do not have to even tell your spouse it exists, but when the time comes that you need to get into it, it will definitely help to reduce any stress levels and ultimately reduce the chances of an argument.

Besides, an argument over a secret savings account is easier to get over then having to spend money that you do not have. Your spouse may be upset that you have the account, but inside they will be glad that you have the necessary funds to get you through the situation.

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