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The way I feel about my husband

I have more respect for my husband than for any other person on earth; I can never take him for granted. With him I feel utterly safe, never mind if the world is collapsing around me. He makes me laugh or makes mad like nobody else can! He knows all my dirty secrets and still loves me just the same. He made me more confident a person than I ever was before. He can drive me to the ecstasy or push me to the brink of depression depending on his mood. The best compliments of my life have come from him. He brings so much dignity to our relationship. I think I’ve grown more in this short period after marriage than I have in my entire lifetime.

His tireless flirting with every female in sight, instead of irritating me, incite in me a fierce surge of pride, he does it with such élan – I laugh at how unfailingly it hits its mark each time and how easily women

fall for it. And I find it even more amusing when he sits there and hotly
denies he ever flirts. His sense of logic is superb and I can’t ever imagine
winning an argument with him. His quick wit, to me is the biggest turn on and his sense of humor, an even bigger one. And when he smiles, when he really smiles, I would gladly forgive him blue murder. And when he holds me in his arms, there’s nothing more that I desire from this earth.

He’s a gentleman, oh but he’s the devil himself! A mischievous streak is what we both have in common! And of course our zest for life, to grab life before it gets away from us, find joy in the art of living, yes, live everyday like there is no tomorrow, in him I feel I’ve met my match! He sometimes reminds me of a totally conservative Indian villager – sometimes he can’t be anything but American! He lets me grow, he lets me be, encourages me to be independent – drives me to be my own person, hold my own, even against him if need be. He sees right through me, searches my soul, weeds out my weaknesses and throws them in my face – yet does everything to protect the child in me, indulges me! His sense of being fair to everybody precedes his need to even stand by me, sometimes. He fulfils all my needs, all my fantasies! Sometimes I wonder if he’s a dream. I know, when we’re together, it is magic! And sometimes I feel this love of ours will somehow
make me immortal.

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