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Vitiligo is a common disorder in which the skin loses pigment that determines its color. Also known as Leucoderma (leuco = white, and derma = skin), this condition is characterized by irregular white patches or milky pale skin.
Vitiligo is a condition with more than one meaning social than medical. Although it affects people of all races, the symptoms are more prominent in people with darker complexions. This condition has been the cause of stress for millions of people affected worldwide, and their near and dear ones.
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Leucoderma causes

The second theory suggests that the oxidant-antioxidant system of the body is, for some unknown reason, altered, resulting in the loss of melanocytes. A third theory is based more on statistical research. Statistics suggest that if one parent has leucoderma, your son / daughter will have a higher risk of leucoderma the rest of the population. So this theory suggests that a genetic factor is present in cases of this disease. A fourth theory suggests that leukoderma is a direct cause of nerve damage. This may also be true in a type of flame as segmental vitiligo leukoderma, the affected skin areas are usually areas in contact with the dorsal root of the spinal cord.

Leucoderma symptoms

This skin disorder spreads slowly and gradually.
First, because the symptoms of the disease begins with a small white spot and after that develops in patches. These spots are the beginning but become whiter whites and over time due to the loss of points pigment.As enlarge, coalesce and, over time, form a very broad patch. In some cases, most of the skin of the body can be covered with white spots. Symmetrical appearance on both sides of the body is common. In rare cases, vitiligo is spreading throughout the body.

Leucoderma Treatment

Almost half of one percent of people worldwide suffer from vitiligo, which is approximately equal to a rough estimate of 65 million people, most of them are looking for a permanent treatment of vitiligo too. And statistics show that about one to two million people in the U.S. suffer from this disease.

Although there is no exact age at which a person is more likely to suffer from the disease, but half of those affected by it, develop the disease before the age of 20 years. While most patients develop the disease before the age of 40 years of age. Vitiligo does not effect the people of some specific gender or race, in fact, anyone of any kind of racial background may develop the disease at any age, however those with darker skin are more likely to develop .

It is believed that vitiligo is caused by the destruction of melanocytes, so most of the modern treatment of vitiligo are directed toward them. In which ever part of the body, the melanocytes are destroyed, colorless white patch emerges. Sometimes this is caused by autoimmune patient. Autoimmunity is an autoimmune condition when a person begins to work against its own organs and tissues, and thus destroys cells that produce skin pigment. This is why people with certain specific autoimmune diseases are more likely to suffer from vitiligo.

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