Network is also true friendship, please cherish

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Countless Internet users choose the keyboard, pounding his own emotions. But we had to face the existing network of false, and the sudden cynicism and mockery.

It gave many people a great harm, so we learn to complain or even angry. But very few people pay attention to whether they had faith. Also because people are accustomed to pass the buck to each other, and thus the time in criticizing others seemed so to confidently. In fact, in the virtual world and social reality no different, as long as you sow is friendship, then the harvest will certainly be happy.

Network World has become more and more people, live without an important platform. Will inevitably arise during navigate through all sorts of people, some sincere and friendly, and some false or utilitarian, but also by a number of verbally abusive encounter villains and so on. Because some stupid people like to hurt people and the music has, like this one you need not and he “her” general knowledge. If this person is again, the intention to harass and discredit you, feel helpless when you can pull it directly to black, there is no need to contend with, or sulk.

In fact, the network can be long the intersection met the sea, has a unique fate. Please do not damage easily to users, in real life relationships, so that everyone has battered the.

If the network but also with a mask to disguise and prevent users do not know, it is a sad thing it disappointing. So everyone in the network or spread happiness, right?

Peace and sincere friendship towards the network, then you have people you share sorrow, your joy will be infected with knowing each other’s friends. Imagine the good we try to do this?

Also encountered some network friends, his words and ideas are more utilitarian. But this, after all, are rare, because most of the network friends, or we can learn and respect. Since the network can instantly narrow the distance to each other, then why can not we treasure a thousand miles, and perhaps thousands of miles away have not seen for a frank friendship?

I had the honor in the network to get to know a lot of friends, let me anything from a unknown novices, has emerged can now walk through one of them in almost every step by step guidance through friends.

The event will not get their own living, as long as the group in ask, will have friends and patient support, until I learned so far. Netizens from all over the country because of the existence of the network the platform, only to be met so strange affinity to each other. Although we have not met, but it can in a friendly atmosphere, happy and not utilitarian mutual friendship. Can say that this is a real life beyond the pleasure.

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