New ways to finding a date – do's and don'ts of speed dating

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You’re single after 40. Repeatedly, you’ve asked yourself “how can I find true love” many times over without luck. You’ve done your homework, but you can’t seem to get around the right person long enough to elevate the relationship to the next level. Plagued by the “when will I find love” quandary, you settle for a mediocre relationship. Not surprisingly, you’re back to square one. Perhaps, to begin with, you are looking in all the wrong places. Finding a soulmate may not happen in the most traditional of venues, but if you do find The One, the “where” seems insignificant.

Some find true love in the online convenience of the Internet; some find it in organized events solely meant to meet other people, particularly, eligible people. Finding a soulmate is no longer confined in the narrow spaces of school, work, and church, when there are creative and resourceful ways to meet as many eligible singles as you can – in speed dating.

Speed dating has become an acceptable norm of meeting people you may be interested with (and conversely, who may be interested with you). It has become a viable option to answer the question “how can I find true love.” This is one good opportunity to seriously meet up with people who have come for that sole purpose, so you shouldn’t waste your chances of finding a soulmate.

Here’s a list new ways to finding a date – do’s and don’ts of speed dating:


* Loosen up. Shake away those dating jitters. This is not make-or-break. Failure to win a spouse material only means you will yet again have to ask yourself “how can I find true love” and move on to other dating events. In any case, just enjoy the experience of meeting new faces in so short a time;

* Find out the age group of the people joining in. Unless you want to snag an older (or younger) candidate, keeping to your age bracket helps you find a potential partner in your generation (and banish those generation gap issues);

* Keep a mental list of things you would want to know. Asking “how did you find out about this event” is better than giving the other person a nervous stare;

* Indicate you are interested with post-session chat if you find the other participant’s personality interesting;


* Ask upfront about occupation and anything that might suggest income potential. Do not short-list candidates according to how much they can make. It’s a very lousy yardstick;

* Interrupt the other person mid-sentence. It is impolite, and may score you minus points;

* Drink alcohol. Never come to a dating event intoxicated. This gives off a poor image of yourself which could result to people turning you down. Answering that lingering concern “how do I find true love” doesn’t start on the wrong foot. Calm your nerves by taking a deep breath. Enjoy the drinks only after the session, and do it in moderation;

* Take rejection personally. Speed dating is finding a soulmate that aligns with your interests and desired qualities, and vice versa. Being turned down by a desired prospect may be because of uncommon grounds. Forcing it will just make you look desperate;

The nagging question “how can I find true love” may mean that your methods of finding a soulmate no longer work. Speed dating sure has expanded the venues of where to find the right person, but it need not be a desperate call to action. Openness and lack of grand expectations are key to enjoy what speed dating has to offer. After all, you came to meet new friends who may introduce you to their friends. Who knows, you may meet a friend of a friend who will become the better-half of your dreams.

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