New year dc facebook "friends" evaluations

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This New Year DC, I would like every one to seriously evaluate their mutual Facebook friendships.  On one hand, your face book friends are your real friends because you take time to have “conversations” with them, you share special moments with each other, you tell each other “Happy Birthday”, make plans (events) together, and so much more.  Then again, if you hardly ever see someone in person or you can “un-friend” or “block” them with the click of a mouse, how much of friends are you really?  When the only way you know what someone is doing or thinking is by viewing their photos and having them “like” your statuses, is that a true form of associating with your buddies?

Sure, Facebook is a great place to “meet” new people.  You can make friends with people who share similar interests as you through mutual friends, groups and events, learn a lot more about someone in five minutes of reading their profile that you could in five minutes of speaking to them face to face, and so much more.  However, a better way to form a legitimately friendly relationship between two or more people is to actually spend quality time with each other.  There are so many things to do New Year DC, like the New Year’s Eve Gala in the Washington Hilton Ballroom, where close friends can mingle with other people.  Not only are events like the Gala great opportunities to spend time with your companions, they are great ways to form new bonds as well.

There is no doubt about how easy it is to instantly want to become acquainted with someone based on what you read on their Facebook Wall.  However, at some point, you are bound to realize that although you may have hundreds of Facebook friends (most of whom you have rarely or never seen in person), very few of them can actually be considered real life friends.  That being said, I encourage you to clean up your “friends” list during the New Year DC– deeply consider whom you would like to continue spending several minutes each day reading about, and whom you would rather befriend in reality.

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