New years eve in dc resolutions and rewards

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My best friend and I have worked hard at our New Years Eve in DC resolutions all year long.  As a reward to ourselves and each other, we are both going shopping together this upcoming weekend.  We said that we would spend $20 for every pound that we lost on our journey.  Since we lost about 100 pounds altogether, we will allow ourselves to spend $2,000 between gala tickets, new attire for the gala, and a day at the spa the morning of the event.

Our dc new years’ eve resolutions were (for me) to lose fifty pounds and (for her) to lose thirty pounds.  We also had a few other resolutional goals which were to be able to fit into the clothes we wore in high school, be able to run a 5k together, and to change our poor diet habits.  Together, through an Atkins diet plan and Weight Watchers points counting combination, a 24 hour ladies’ gym membership with a personal trainer, and each others’ support, my best friend and I dropped almost 100 pounds altogether.  We ran in a 10k over the summer, and we went clubbing in our favorite high school outfits!  We actually met the guys we will be taking to the gala at a club that night.

We just bought two pairs of tickets to the Professionals in the City New Years Eve in DC Gala Dinner and Dance, and we could not be more excited!  In fact, neither of us have been more excited about anything since our senior prom and graduation.  Since I dropped five pants sizes, and my best friend dropped three, both of us are in need of new– SMALLER!– dresses and a pair of high heels to fit our newly slender feet.  We plan to go to the Macy’s shopping center in Tyson’s Corner for our dresses, JCPenney, Peebles, Shoes-R-Us, and Payless Shoe Depot for our high heels, and Jennifer’s Boutique for our jewelry and undergarments.  We are also going to go get our hair, nails, and make-up done professionally at the Redken Salon and Spa on Newtown Avenue the morning of the event.

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