No more games

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It has come the time when you must not play any more games in your life, you need to settle down. If you cannot do this now, then you may end up on the wrong side of life and wishing you had settled down a hell of a lot sooner than you tried to. You see games become old fashioned, they become a part of life’s little oversight, and you know very well where you will end up if you play games with every girl you have ever been with.

You will end up with egg on your face, not knowing what is coming round the corner and life will play games with you. they won’t just be little games either, you will end up on the wrong end of life’s long game, not knowing which way to turn for help, because you have burnt all your bridges from your previous exploits.

I am not saying there is not room for a few little games in relationships to keep things exciting, but when you play havoc with someone’s mental state you deserve what you get. You can cause unhappiness if you stay out late, cheat and do whatever you can to upset the equilibrium, and you will end up in someone’s bad books. And when you do who will you turn to?

You need to man up and take care of your future. Know just what you need to do in order to make the most of whom you are with and you will get what you need in life. Make sacrifices and settle down, drop a few freedoms you have in order to be more of a man and you will get everything you deserve in life; you will make the most of what you are if you can do this.

Get the best out of life by not playing those games quite as often, make clear that you are interested and you will get everything you require in life. The woman of your dreams, and the life of your dreams. You will deserve this also as it will give you the success that you deserve by working hard for it.

Anything you sacrifice something for feels a little bit more deserved, and when you have sacrificed this it will feel as though you have earned that little bit more respect than what you previously had. So stop playing the games.

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