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If you think you are now ready to get on the Safari jeep, venture out on a Man Safari and start casual dating, let’s make sure you are ready to date yourself.

Did I just say “date yourself”? Or did I mean “date by yourself? Huh? Sounds confusing doesn’t it? What I’m asking is, are you able to be alone and without the company of a man to feel good about yourself? Because if you can’t stand being alone with yourself, why would a man be able to?

Once you understand that you are a beautiful, amazing woman that any man would want to date; Once you realize you are a magnificent being unlike any other, unique with tons to offer any man out there, then…then try dating yourself.

What do you think dating yourself would be like? What does that mean to you? Could you travel all by yourself? How would you feel about taking yourself out to a movie? What comes to mind when you think of yourself at a restaurant by yourself?

If you are not comfortable doing any of these things on your own, you are not ready to date.

You will learn in all of my articles that the best time to attract a man is when you don’t have time for him. You are too busy living your own life, dating yourself and loving yourself.

I often talk about the Law of Attraction in my articles because I want women to be aware of the energy they are emitting when looking for a man. If they are down on themselves and in low self-esteem can you imagine the type of men they will attract?

Don’t let this happen to you. Attract the right kind of man for you. If you are sweet, caring and nurturing with yourself and take yourself out for a nice dinner, what do you think are the kind of men will you be attracting?

Take the time today to write everything you love about yourself and what you are grateful for. Continue to do this everyday until you feel ready to go out on a date with the hottest person you know…You!

Go on, stop wasting time, girlfriend!

Things I love about myself are:

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