Oligozoospermia natural treatment – curing low sperm count condition

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Oligozoospermia is a medical condition characterized by low sperm concentration in semen. A person is said to possess oligozoospermia if he ejaculate sperms less than 20 million per mL. In case of severe oligozoospermia, person may show sperm count less than 5 million per mL in penile ejaculate. Following natural treatment for curing oligozoospermia prevents the risks of adverse action on patients. Below are some among the best natural treatments for oligozoospermia.

Saffron milk is a safest home remedy for curing low sperm count condition. Patients suffering from oligozoospermia are advised to drink saffron milk thirty minutes before going to bed. Saffron is well known for its medicinal, flavouring and colouring properties. Stabilizing mood, alleviating depression, reducing fever, decreasing inflammation and improving blood circulation are main health benefits of consuming saffron milk.

Intake of black raisin is one among the very beneficial natural treatments for oligozoospermia. It is found to be very effective for promoting sexual vigour. People with oligozoospermia are advised to drink warm milk after consuming black raisins. Regular intake of black raisins increases energy, purifies blood, improves digestion and increases intelligence.

Performing a gentle massage of penis is a physical treatment done for curing low sperm count. A mixture of sesame and mustard oil is mainly used for doing penile massaging. Oil massaging of genital organ helps in dilating blood vessels and improving the circulation of blood. You can also use medicated ghees like shatavari ghee, brahmi ghee and ashwagandha ghee for massaging.

Consuming dried roots of asparagus, else known as safed musli is a natural treatment recommended for oligozoospermia. It is a perfect health tonic for rejuvenating your body and mind. This aphrodisiac is found to be equally beneficial for both men and women. It acts as an effective alternative to viagra and helps in increasing immunity of person. Reducing anxiety, vitalizing sex hormones, alleviating tiredness and improving the level of good cholesterol are other advantages of using oligozoospermia.

Natural treatments by using mud packs and cold water is an essential therapy done for curing oligozoospermia. Using mud pack and cold water therapy has got both mental as well as physical benefits. It helps in restoring moisture and coolness for longer periods of time. This treatment is very economical and can be done at any time of the day. Increasing blood circulation throughout the body and energizing skin tissues are other health benefits of using mud pack and cold water therapy.

Inclusion of onion in diet is a natural home remedy for oligozoospermia. This aphrodisiac food plays a key role in increasing libido and strengthening reproductive system of person. Onion, belonging to allium family is enriched allyl propyl disulphide, chromium, vitamin C and flavonoids. It helps in preventing several diseases and produces no side effects on users.

Intake of chopped carrot with a half boiled egg and a tablespoon of honey is a natural treatment suggested for oligozoospermia. This recipe increases sexual stamina of person. Patients with oligozoospermia are also advised to have a well balanced diet by including fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.

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